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Prof. of Gender & Sexuality Studies, U. Ill. Springfield

Football’s toxic culture is tacitly acknowledged as one of its own speaks his truth

If you’re alive right now you’ve probably already heard: Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Carl Nassib has come out as gay. He makes history as the first active NFL player ever to acknowledge his homosexuality publicly.

His announcement avoided all the pitfalls of major celebrity confessions. There was no publicist, no media rollout, no corporate sponsorship. Just a heartfelt note posted to his Instagram account, along with a home-made video from the backyard of his West Chester home.

He acknowledged those who have come before, admitted he still has much to learn, stated a willingness to fight for LGBTQ equality…

Playing dress -up with queer culture is never A Good Lewk!

It’s incredibly difficult for corporations to thread the needle during LGBTQIA+ Pride Month, wanting to sell products by appearing to support the LGBTQIA+ community but not so much that they alienate the homophobes. The most daring attempt to do so while also being humorous. Few advertisers can pull it off.

Dr. Pepper clearly isn’t one of them.

Its latest print ad ahead of Pride Month attempts to make a sexual joke by appropriating gay men’s slang terms for anal sex to describe the parts of a Dr. Pepper soda can. (The U.S.’ fourth most popular soda brand dropped a similar…

Can you get me the names of the all the horses you interviewed so I can confirm that they don't differentiate between biological sex and social gender roles, as humans do?

You only need to spend 10 minutes reading about gender diversity around the world to learn that the social status of "woman" and the biological sex of "female" are different things. And oocyte "production" doesn't have anything to do with it. There are LOTS of women who no longer produce ova—every post-menopausal woman, in fact. Some women NEVER produce ova (shocking, I know!) And lots of females who aren't…

I appreciate your connecting this issue to larger issues of power is society, namely patriarchy. It's also worth mentioning the historical importance of "the mother" and "mothering" in fascist ideologies about "the nation." The defense of pregnancy and childbirth as solely the province of women and "mothering" is also a tool of fascist White supremacy, which is why so many on the Right got their knickers in a knot when Cori Bush (my representative in Congress!) used the term "birthing people." She undermined their White supremacist project and the way it knits together White people, national identity, and reproduction.

1. I would encourage you to read more about biological determinism. It cannot be reduced to "everything's decided by your genes."

2. I would encourage you to read more about social constructionism. It cannot be reduced to "nothing is decided by your genes."

3. The best integrative argument about the relative balance between biology and society regarding sex/gender I've seen is by Anne Fausto-Sterling. She's a professor emerita of Biology at Brown University. Start with her book Sex/Gender: Biology in a Social World. Then read her book Sexing the Body.

Our common history, experiences, and struggles demand it

Source: By Emercado2020 — Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Recently, I’ve become disgusted by the prominent White gay men using their platforms to engage in trans-antagonistic or transphobic behavior (or defend those who have).

In December, Andrew Sullivan played ‘concern troll’ in a string of Tweets interrogating trans actor Elliot Page’s gender pronouns, claiming he was merely exercising “skepticism toward the ideological use of language.” Right.

In February, Glenn Greenwald falsely argued to his 1.7 million Twitter followers that a reported decline in the number of gays and lesbians was owed to so many lesbians transitioning to live as men.

Then, last week, Dan Savage decided to defend Jesse…

This is a very important question I wish more trans people would take seriously. "Transphobia" is simple and short enough to fit on a bumper sticker but doesn’t really answer the question. It’s also frequently wrong.

Trans haters don’t always suffer from an "irrational fear or hatred of trans people." They’re responding to the very real threat trans people pose to a worldview and societal organization grounded in a sex-gender binary. It’s one that says there are only two sexes, gender identity unfolds effortlessly and always consistently with a person’s biological sex, and gender presentation is reliable indicator of a…

This is a much needed effort to show how the rights and histories of gender and sexual minorities are intertwined but I think you might be overstating the case for how many LGBs have joined the "gender critical" crowd. You write "several organizations" but only mention one (the UK's LGB Alliance) and many LGBs in the UK are highly critical of this organization's viewpoint (that the Ts are a threat to the accomplishments of the LGBs). Are there any such divisions with LGBTQIA+ organizations in the U.S.?

Also, I think we need to find a better argument for opposing trans-exlusionary…

"With all due respect" to the responder, who doesn't have the courage to use their own name or photo, not everything written or thought needs to focus on heterosexuals or heterosexuality. You're not the center of the universe. Other people and experiences exist. If you want to read a piece about why straight people don't want to date trans people, you should write one. I didn't. And none of the claims about "rights" you make in your last sentence appear in what I wrote. Take your reactionary, colonizing, "super straight" B.S. elsewhere.

I think you totally missed the (Libertarian) moral of “I Care A Lot”: that vigilante justice is the only way acceptable response to greedy scofflaws. It should have been titled “Guillotines and Pitchforks.” Coming immediately on the heels of the Jan. 6th sack of the U.S. Capitol, it’s an extremely dangerous message and I was surprised Netflix didn’t push back the release 6 months (or more).

I don’t want to live in a society where the vulnerable are preyed upon by the rich and powerful and the only way to stop them is gunning them down in parking lots. …

M. J. Murphy

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