I appreciate your connecting this issue to larger issues of power is society, namely patriarchy. It's also worth mentioning the historical importance of "the mother" and "mothering" in fascist ideologies about "the nation." The defense of pregnancy and childbirth as solely the province of women and "mothering" is also a tool of fascist White supremacy, which is why so many on the Right got their knickers in a knot when Cori Bush (my representative in Congress!) used the term "birthing people." She undermined their White supremacist project and the way it knits together White people, national identity, and reproduction.

1. I would encourage you to read more about biological determinism. It cannot be reduced to "everything's decided by your genes."

2. I would encourage you to read more about social constructionism. It cannot be reduced to "nothing is decided by your genes."

3. The best integrative argument about the relative balance between biology and society regarding sex/gender I've seen is by Anne Fausto-Sterling. She's a professor emerita of Biology at Brown University. Start with her book Sex/Gender: Biology in a Social World. Then read her book Sexing the Body.