I think you totally missed the (Libertarian) moral of “I Care A Lot”: that vigilante justice is the only way acceptable response to greedy scofflaws. It should have been titled “Guillotines and Pitchforks.” Coming immediately on the heels of the Jan. 6th sack of the U.S. Capitol, it’s an extremely dangerous message and I was surprised Netflix didn’t push back the release 6 months (or more).

I don’t want to live in a society where the vulnerable are preyed upon by the rich and powerful and the only way to stop them is gunning them down in parking lots. That’s a society only worshiped by military cosplaying White male ammosexuals who haven’t read enough about the horrors of the French Revolution.

Nothing that happened at the end of “I Care A Lot” changed the *system* that allowed all the “Marlas” to exist and prosper. Not sure it’s possible for a movie to be any more cynical about the possibility of progress through systemic reform. It was sickening.

Prof. of Gender & Sexuality Studies, U. Ill. Springfield