It is not possible to have a reasonable conversation about gender identity or gender pronouns with anyone who still believes biological sex (“male”) and genders social status or identity (“man”) are the same thing. We now have over a century of evidence disproving this shamefully reductive form of biological determinism. That fact that some self-described “feminists” (TERFs) are using these kinds of arguments — the very same ones used to reduce women’s social role to birthing babies and baking cookies — to resist the demands of transgender activists is both ironic and sad. Where do you think we got the idea that biological sex and gender aren’t the same thing if not for feminist activists and theorists?! You just don’t like the logical result of the very theories you’ve used to claim your own humanity.

Newsflash! The “gender is socially constructed” genie’s out of the bottle…

Professional homosexual. Professor. Writer. Scholar. Activist. Husband.

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