Please spend a few minutes reviewing the concept of the performative in Judith Bulter's work. You misrepresent it in this piece. For Butler, it means an act of speech that calls into being the thing it purports to only describe. Like the phrases, "it's a boy" by the ob-gyn delivering a baby or, "I now pronounce you husband and wife" uttered by a minister of justice of the peace. These phrases, respectively usher a child into the social identity of "boy" and a couple into the social status of "married" purely as a function of their words. They produce that which they seem to only describe. Yes, the child is male by virtue of his body but he's a boy by virtue of being named such. There's nothing essential or inherent about gendered social statuses. Performativity is not the same thing as a performance or theatricality. It's a linguistic function that calls into being the real. Resource:

Professional homosexual. Professor. Writer. Scholar. Activist. Husband.

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