Right. Did you even read what I wrote? Two points:

  1. How do you know all gay men “identify” as men? Especially when there’s so much evidence that so many do not, which automatically falsifies blanket statements that “gay men are cisgender.”
  2. How do you know my (or any other person’s) gender identity and assigned sex at birth if you’ve never asked? And since almost no one on the planet is aware of the entirety of their biological sex (as that term is now understood by those who study human biological sex for a living), how can they know whether their gender identity aligns with their biological sex?

If you don’t have these two pieces of information then all you’re doing is attributing a gender identity to others to serve your agenda, not the facts. Those facts do not support the claim that gay men are “cisgender.”

As for your “progressiveness,” I’ve read your other comments on Medium stories and they’re transphobic, not “progressive.” Which is why you’re now blocked. And reported for numerous TOS violations.

Professional homosexual. Professor. Writer. Scholar. Activist. Husband.

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