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Thank you for providing evidence to support the opening claim in my piece: that the word cisgender is sometimes used as a weapon to silence and alienate gay men who might otherwise be natural allies in the fight for transgender rights and social acceptance. (And just so we’re clear: no, that’s not the same as claiming that “cisgender” is always a “slur.”)

Also, I never use the words “disrespect” or “attacking” in my piece and neither are what I claim is happening when the word cisgender is weaponized. Please don’t put words in my mouth by placing them in “quotes” implying you’re quoting what I wrote. Those are your words, not mine.

Finally, thank you for respecting my right to decide my gender identity without having one imposed externally, especially by someone who’s never met me. I guess when you can’t refute the argument all that’s left is ad hominem attacks…which seems to be a trend among objectors to this piece.

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