Thanks, Brian! We do have pretty decent surveillance on STIs in the U.S. Not as good as we could, though. My primary concern is that hysterical reporting on STIs that blames PrEP, and the knee-jerk response by PrEP supporters, is missing the big picture: PrEP will gradually lower HIV (and other STI) rates but, in the short-term, an STI is going to have different implications for PrEP users than non-PrEP users. For non-PrEP users, it means increased HIV risk. It doesn’t mean that for a PrEP user. And that greater STI-related HIV risk is going to be borne by those ALREADY at greatest risk: guys under 25, Hispanic/Latino guys, and African Americans. It’s perverse that PrEP uptake has been lowest among those groups that need it most. Sigh.

Professional homosexual. Professor. Writer. Scholar. Activist. Husband.

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