That’s How Homophobia Works

Hiring a contractor revealed the invisible workings of anti-gay discrimination

Pretty soon we found ourselves in need of a tuck-pointer.

(L) A poorly tuck-pointed brick wall. Photo: Gabriele Diwald on Unsplash; (R) A nicely tuck-pointed brick wall. Photo: Hayden Mills on Unsplash

Cue the tuck-pointers.

But that’s how homophobia works.

Jeremy Bentham’s 1791 design for a panopticon. (Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons).
Tower Grove Park (St. Louis, MO). Photo © Michael J. Murphy, 2017.

White people never have to wonder if they were stopped by a police officer because they were speeding or because they were “driving while black.” Straight people never have to consider if a contractor refused their business because he was swamped or because they were gay.

Flag of the City of St.Louis (superimposed on the Gay Pride flag).

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Prof. of Gender & Sexuality Studies, U. Ill. Springfield

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