Yours is a very odd response but I’ll try to answer your challenges:

You: As has been pointed out by several, this is a very odd article. Some gay males identify fully as men (I've just inquired with my roommate) and as cisgender. They cannot be denied their self-identity. A basic Venn diagram would show that the statement 'no gay men are cisgender' is incorrect.

Me: As is very clearly expressed in what I wrote, there are three criteria to consider when answering the question "Are gay men cisgender?" (gender identity, gender expression, and biological sex). You cherry-picked one of them (gender identity)and then disagreed with my conclusion. Which is both faulty logic and bad faith argumentation. I concede that some gay males identify as men and cisgender, which is what I wrote in my piece. But that aside, if your claim (“Some gay males identify fully as men…and as cisgender”) is true, that means that some gay males aren't cisgender. Thus categorical descriptions would be inaccurate either way. But then only if identification as cisgender decides who is cisgender and who is not. But cisgender is not just an identity. It’s also, and much more frequently, used as a sociological description. Since I conducted an analysis using a more complete definition of the term “cisgender,” I’m going to stand by my conclusions: for a number of reasons we cannot conclude a priori that all gay men are cisgender.

You: No, prevailing (and changeable) social expectations do not affect someone's gender, and again has been said, here you are making the gender critical argument: That the concept of gender is really a collection of stereotypes. A handkerchief waving, powdered dandy in late 18th century Paris is expressing himself in keeping with his class and locale. Transport him to 21st century rural Alabama, and his gender is unchanged.

Me: I don't know how to respond to this claim because you're playing 'fast and loose' with the word "gender." Do you mean a person's gender identity is not subject to historical change? Their gender presentation? Or gender roles in society? Are you using the word gender as a synonym for biological sex? No idea. But it's pretty much canonical thinking in gender studies (and sociology, anthropology, history, etc.) that gender roles and identities vary both historically and cross-culturally. There’s a mountain of evidence supporting that position. If you need some reading recommendations on this widely accepted fact, let me know…

You: Gay men 'maybe' male? A red herring. I cannot find a single research paper that suggests gay men are a biological sex unto themselves.

Me: Of course you can't find a single research paper on that subject! Lol! Sexual minorities are one of the least studied social groups on the planet. And I didn't argue that "gay men are a biological sex unto themselves." Sigh. My point was this: depending on how you define the word "sex," it’s possible that gay men are not males. Intersex men and transmen are the most obvious challenges to such a conclusion. If you're not familiar the decades of research on the biological causes of homosexuality, do let me know. Again, I have reading recommendations. And I summarized much of that research in my article. (You did read it, yes?)

But let me reverse your claim. What evidence can you offer that all gay men, everywhere and for all time, are unquestionably and incontrovertibly male? Before you answer that question remember that quite a few transmen identify as gay. Make sure you're defining "male" in a way that includes those gay men as well. And you might want to refine your research method. I don’t think “I asked my roommate!” will pass IRB muster…

You: The social sciences are sadly haemorrhaging credibility, and have been for a decade. Anyone reading some of the flights of fancy and spurious arguments in this article will come away with a good sense of why.

Me: Why is it that readers on Medium can't seem to engage an argument without making an ad hominem attack? Anytime you'd like to correspond about what I ACTUALLY WROTE AND ARGUED do let me know. Give my best to your roommate!

Professional homosexual. Professor. Writer. Scholar. Activist. Husband.

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